TIMEMORE 123GO Electric Coffee Grinder E&B Burr TYPE-C Rechargeable Grinder Double Bearing Positioning Portable Coffee Mill

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The 3MIN coffee machine turns complex into simple, your all-round smart coffee brewing solution, automatically a cup of fine hand brewed coffee in three minutes (grinding, extraction, and free-flowing trinity)

Grinding system–Innovative design of bean feeding method, more professional grinding and convenient operation. It is no longer the same three-stage bean inlet on the market, and there is no need to repeatedly disassemble complicated accessories. Up to 60G coffee beans can be added at a time

Two 800mAh power lithium batteries TYPE-C charging, strong battery life. It is measured that 15g coffee beans can be ground each time after fully charged and can be ground 30 times (grinding more than 400g), and each charge only takes 2 to 3 hours

Intelligent experience of automatic rotation technology, it can automatically rotate when encountering a stuck phenomenon to avoid jamming; after automatic rotation 3 times, it will automatically stop to protect the motor and the grinding core

Sharp high-precision CNC steel grinding core for smooth and fast grinding

Point-type thickness adjuster, can meet multiple needs (adjust the thickness method, adjust the grinding thickness at the bottom of the electric grinder body to the required grinding thickness 1. The adjustment plate rotates clockwise to the point where it cannot be turned, at this time it corresponds to 0 o’clock 2. Using 0 as the benchmark, adjust the corresponding number of grids counterclockwise)

Extraction system-The 13-hole structure of the dripper has been repeatedly tested to achieve uniform dripping and extraction. It takes about 2 minutes to extract at a time. It can also make stable coffee without repeated practice of hand-punching techniques.

The 300 mesh tapered nylon filter effectively filters coffee grounds without filter paper and can be used repeatedly. Yellowing of the filter after use is a normal phenomenon and does not affect subsequent use. This part is a replaceable part

High borosilicate temperature-resistant glass, with a temperature difference of 150 degrees, with a delicate surface


Colour: Black
Material: PCTG, ABS, PP, glass, stainless steel
Product size: 295*86mm
Battery: 3.7V 800mAh*2
Voltage: 7.4V/DC
Power: 20W
Motor: DC7.4V, DC motor carbon brush type no-load revolutions 80 ± 10% RPM
Package contains: coffee maker by 1x automatic drip filter + 1x electric grinder + 1x filter +
1x composition of free flow drinking cup, 1x data cable, 1x instruction manual


1. After the flow rate test of each dripper, it is normal for the product to receive residual water.
2. The dripping filter stops when the water level of the dripper drops to the bottom of the concave ribs, and a little residual water is normal.

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Mainland China



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Timemore 123GO


ABS, Plastic, Stainless steel, Glass, PP, PCTG, ABS, PP, glass, stainless steel


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Product size



3.7V 800mAh*2






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