Rechargeable Ultrasonic For Dog Repellent Device Anti Barking Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Defense Electric Shocker Dog Protection

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Your dog barks too much? Maybe your neighbor’s dog barks too much? Now there is a solution to excessive barking – it is someone else’s dog!

This is really an ultrasonic barking stopper used to stop dogs from barking!

Product description

1. Three functional modes:

(1) LED lighting function

(2) Ultrasonic + LED lighting

(3) Ultrasonic + LED flash

2. Using three sensors to launch, powerful function, effective range is 20 feet

3. Ultrasonic bark stop, dog training, dog, cat, wolf. Infrared laser snake repelling function

4. 3.7v, built-in large-capacity battery 1000MA——(rechargeable)

5. The red light is on when charging, and the green light is on when fully charged

6. Flashlight design, comfortable hand feel, can wear lanyard, easy to operate.


Product Name: three head ultrasonic barking stopper

Material: ABS plastic

Product weight: 183g

Product color: Black / red

Product packaging: neutral carton

Product certificate: CE / RoHS / FCC

Sonic Distance: Effective range 20 feet

Power supply mode: USB rechargeable

Battery capacity: 1000mah

Product size: 15*5*4.5cm

Instructions for use:

1. LED lighting function

The gear selection is dialed to the “lighting” file, the white light will be on, and it can be used as a flashlight. If you press the switch key, you can send out ultrasonic waves, at this time, it will make a “beep” sound and the working indicator light will turn green.

2. Dog training mode

The gear selection is dialed to “1” gear, and the ultrasonic wave can be sent out by pressing the switch key. At this point, you can conduct simple training on your dog, which can effectively stimulate the dog’s nervous system, so that it obeys the command and the master’s coaching. Please pay attention to adaptive training, not high-intensity training.

3. Dog drive mode

When the gear selection is set to “11”, the infrared laser can be emitted (the infrared laser light will automatically turn off after 10 seconds). Press the switch key to send out ultrasonic waves and infrared lasers, and the LED lights will flicker. Use it on malicious dogs, snakes, cats, wolves and other animals, they will run away due to strong stimulation.


1.The ultrasonic and infrared laser lights will automatically turn off after 10 seconds.

2.When setting the switch on ll, please do not shoot infrared laser at peop e s eyes for safety reason.

3.The device is design to repel unfriendly dog. cat, snake or wolf. lf dog, cat, snake or wolf is not afraid of this device, please avoid and leave away.

4.Do not use this device to play around with dog. cat.snake or wolf to prevent anima fear and attack people.

Packing List

1. Ultrasonic Dog Repellentx1

2. Charging Cablex1

3. Operation Manualx1

4. Hanging Rope x1

Additional information

Item Type



Mainland China

Is Smart Device






product category

Ultrasonic dog repeller



type 1

dog repellent electronic device

type 2

dog repellent device

type 3

dog repellent ultrasonic

type 4

dog repeller defense

type 5

dog repeller ultrasonic high power

type 6

dog repeller outdoor


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