1pc Intelligent Rehabilitation Robot Gloves Supports Bone Care For Hand Training Hemiplegia Finger Rehabilitation Trainer

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1.Rehabilitation Robot Gloves. Rehabilitation Robot Gloves are used for hand rehabilitation training. Rehabilitation training for stroke, hemiplegia and trauma. Help you gradually activate mirror neurons, restore brain motor nerves, perform hand function rehabilitation, and achieve patient self-care ability.
2.Bionic hand structure. Intelligently imitate hand movements, imitate hand structure production, master independent movements, intelligently imitate hand grasping, flexion and other movements, and relieve hand spasm, stiffness and other problems.
3.Multiple Modes.Auto Mode, Mirror Mode, Adversarial Training Mode. Using air pressure as the driving force, it can automatically drive hand activities, effectively train the hand recovery, and also act on the cerebral nerves and blood vessels to promote conservative treatment of brain injury and postoperative rehabilitation.
4.Intensity gear setting.You can adjust the gear intensity according to your situation. By opening and closing the independent air valve, you can perform rehabilitation training for each finger separately. The operation is simple, and the elderly can also do it independently.
5.Effect.According to customer feedback, you can feel it in 15 days, and it will take effect in 2-3 months. Scientific rehabilitation, continuous training. The hand is the distal facet joint, and hand function is fully restored. It requires a long recovery process and a long-term adherence to step-by-step training.

Power supply method: rechargeable
Power: 10W
Product material: rubber
color: yellow
Product volume: about 40cm*27cm*9cm/15.7*10.6*3.5″
Product weight: Rehabilitation auxiliary training host: 0.4kg, gloves: 0.2kg
Packing weight: 1.2KG
Plug specifications: US plug, European plug
Size: M/L/XL
M: hand length 14-16cm/5.5-6.3″, hand width 6-8cm/2.4-3.1″, middle finger dimension 4-5cm/1.6-2″
L: Hand length 16-18cm/6.3-7″, hand width 7-9cm/2.8-3.5″, middle finger dimension 5-6cm/2-2.4″
XL: Hand length 16.5-19cm/6.5-7.5”, hand width 8-10cm/3.1-3.9″, middle finger dimension 6-7cm/2.4-2.8″

Package includes:
1x Host1x Healing Gloves1x Data Gloves1x Manual1x Adapter

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Intelligent rehabilitation robot gloves

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